Our Story, the Paws behind the Brand

From one dog owner to another, we understand stinky, itchy pups and strive to make our furry friends as comfortable as possible. Whether it comes from allergies and other skin conditions, or just your good-ole regular dog odor, we’ve got you covered. But why trust us? Learn more about who we are, what makes our products unique, and what led us to launch the Frankie & Paisley brand.

Paisley, VIP (Very Important Pup) & Brian, Chief Dog Walker

From our family to yours. We are a small, but growing family from the burbs in Los Angeles. We have a daughter and one on the way.

We adopted Paisley when we were living in Santa Monica. She’s a Maltese that we rescued at two-years-old from a shelter in Orange County. Along with her name (which we thought was pretty fitting), came a past that we really knew nothing about. She joined the household with our other dog, Mochi, a Lhasa-Poodle mix, who had the run of the house until Paisley came along. Let’s just say… there was an “adjustment period” between the two of them. Six years later and there’s still adjusting happening some days.

Paisley is the quirkiest and most loving dog you’ll ever meet. She’s always under foot when at home. She wants to be in the center of the action and always wants to be under the dinner table during nightly dinners. She loves attention, especially from her Grandpa. Any chance she has to sit in his lap, you can bet she’ll be there. And don’t let her small stature fool you – what she lacks in size, she makes up for in her bark.

And while we love her to death, there are some things that come with the territory of owning a dog. Especially things that pertain to a pup with allergies or skin issues.

→ She gets stinky. We’ll take both dogs to get groomed and Paisley will be stinky again in a few days after the groomer.

→ She gets itchy…really itchy.

→ She has sneezing attacks at least once a week.

→ She gets dingle-berries at least once a week. Not fun for her (or us), but it happens even right after getting groomed. (For those of you who don’t have dogs with lots of fur, this is when their poop gets stuck to their fur. Not her fault, but it’s sure to make for an interesting morning walk when it happens. ☺)

We hated seeing Paisley suffer. Leveraging my background in the beauty and personal care industry, we set out to create a line of products that’s truly effective in alleviating these issues for our four-legged children. Jennifer and I worked with a team of dog-loving chemists to create a fresh approach to pet care. And thankfully, after using these products on Paisley, her odor, itchiness, and other grooming issues have practically disappeared. With incredibly effective formulas featuring top-quality clean ingredients, beautiful packaging, and prices dog owners can afford, we can’t wait for you to give our products a try for yourself

Frankie, VIP (Very Important Pup) & Jennifer, VP of All Things Dog

Frankie came into our lives Christmas 2016. He was truly a gift! Our human boys were grown – one already out of the house and the other ready to go. Enter Frankie as the new center of attention.

When we took him for his first check-up, the vet asked, “I’m sure you know what you’re in for having a Frenchie?” The allergies, the snoring, and, oh yeah, the gas. Frankie quickly made us aware of the plethora of issues that come with the territory of owning a French Bulldogs. (But the LOVE…there are no words!)

Another fun part of having Frenchies is the potential skin issues. Frankie’s constant itching and irritated skin was painful for ALL of us, especially him. His skin was so red and raw, especially under his chin and his chest. We tried multiple “special” shampoos and nothing seemed to work.

That’s when we set out to find something that would soothe his irritation and actually put an end to the itch. Brian and I worked with a team of chemists to find a combination of safe, clean ingredients that would help alleviate our dogs’ skin conditions and quickly realized – we are certainly not the only dog owners dealing with this stuff. So voilà, the Frankie & Paisley brand was born to help dog owners like us!

With the use of our products, along with some diet changes, Frankie’s skin looks great – no more irritation! His fur is nice and soft and he smells so nice (which is great compared to his usual Frenchie stink). With Frankie & Paisley, we say ‘Au Revoir’ to stinky and itchy pups. And you can, too.

And now, some Frankie Fun Facts:


He didn’t learn how to go upstairs until last Christmas, when he was tired of watching Tito, our son’s yellow lab, go up and down the stairs. And he still can’t go DOWN the stairs – too steep and slippery!


He loves to sleep. He has a bed in the family room and one in our bedroom but prefers to sleep in our king-sized bed with us.


Though he eats fish for every meal, his preferred snacks are purely vegan – carrots, apples, spinach, lettuce. The list of veggies goes on and on, he eats healthier than we do!


He loves his bones and his plush toys, though he pulls all of the stuffing out of the plush toys. We’ve been through 3 identical Piggies!


He gets more exercise BEFORE going on a walk because he runs away from us when asked if he wants to go on a walk. When we get the leash on him, he’s happy as can be to walk the neighborhood and the beach to meet new friends and sniff away.


He doesn’t love a bath, but does love a shower! He just lays on the shower floor while he gets lathered up with our Frankie & Paisley 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner.